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As described in the section on arachnoid cysts in Brain Disorders, surgery for arachnoid cysts is rarely required.  The nature of this surgery is relatively straightforward and involves dissection of the arachnoid cyst wall and opening it up so that it communicates with the rest of the subarachnoid space which is where the normal CSF floats.  By breaking down this wall, which is very thin and, therefore, relatively straightforward surgically to do, the CSF within the arachnoid cyst is opened up into the rest of the CSF space, thereby decompressing the cyst and allowing the symptoms caused by the mass (volume) effect of the cyst to be relieved.  Clearly, the precise nature of the surgery depends on the location of the arachnoid cyst and a craniotomy (opening of the head) is made in the optimum position to allow straightforward and safe access to the intracranial arachnoid cyst.