Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - September 2020

With the easing of lockdown restrictions and a fall in coronavirus case numbers, the surgeons of the Brain and Spine Clinic have been able to see and treat more patients both on the NHS and privately. 

However, recovery of activity remains some way off normal and we remain vigilant and cautious with the ever-changing situation. Many private facilities have an important ongoing commitment to support NHS services which can limit access to surgical treatment.
In continuing to do our utmost to treat people with spinal and neurosurgical problems, we currently offer the following services:

  • New and follow-up consultations, either by telephone, video or face-to-face. We encourage remote consultations wherever possible in order to reduce footfall in our treatment facilities. Face-to-face consultations are possible when physical examination is likely to be an important part of the assessment process. 
  • Video consultations can be set up straightforwardly using a computer or smart-phone, even if you have no previous experience of such platforms.
  • Arrange investigation for a wide variety of spinal and neurological conditions.
  • Provide support & advice on symptom control for many conditions such as spinal pain and sciatica. The availability of definitive surgical treatment may be limited but is now possible in many cases. 

Remote consultations (telephone or video) are approved by the vast majority of insurance companies, but please do check with your insurer.

Please do contact us to enquire further. We wish you all well through this uncertain time.



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