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The brain is the most complex and fascinating structure in the body.  Not only does it control every other aspect of physical function, it also gives rise to all the thoughts and emotions that make us individuals.  Human brains are particularly large and well-developed and normal brain function consumes a substantial proportion of the output from the heart. 

The physical functions of the brain include supplying all of our head and neck senses as well as sending and receiving information from all four limbs.  The higher executive functions include abstract thought, judgement and emotions.  The importance of the brain means that it is contained within the bony skull to offer it protection.  The presence of the bony skull, together with the array of head and neck functions that the brain controls, make the anatomy of the brain and skull base particularly complex.


MRI scan of a normal brain


As a result of this, there is a vast range of conditions that can affect brain function.  A proportion of these conditions involve abnormalities which distort the brain anatomy and, therefore, may be amenable to neurosurgical intervention.