The Brain and Spine Clinic office is based at the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, South Manchester.  
Consultations are carried out in dedicated consulting rooms for neurosurgical assessment.  

They are available at:

BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, South Manchester 
The Wilmslow Hospital, 52 Alderley Road in Wilmslow
The Spire Manchester Hospital, Didsbury or Spire Hale Clinic
The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance

Diagnostic investigations can be arranged at your convenience, with MR scan facilities available at all the above locations. As an alternative, MR scans can also be arranged on the open and upright scanner (European Scanning Centre) in south Manchester.

CT scanning facilities and neurophysiology can be carried out at the BMI Alexandra Hospital or Spire Manchester Hospitals. 

The imaging and investigation equipment are of the highest standard and backed up by expert radiologists and neurophysiologists to interpret these investigations.

Spinal surgery is carried out at the BMI Alexandra Hospital and Spire Manchester Hospital, with theatres that are equipped with the latest neurosurgical instruments and operating microscope.  Surgical facilities are backed up by an excellent team of theatre and ward nursing staff who offer a wealth of experience and expertise in the surgical management of spinal disorders.  Surgical facilities are further backed up by a dedicated team of onsite physiotherapists who will help you through your inpatient recovery and provide subsequent outpatient rehabilitation.

Surgical procedures on the brain are carried at the Salford Royal Hospital, the regional neurosurgical centre for Greater Manchester.  The facilities for cranial neurosurgery at Salford Royal are superb including the very latest image guidance technology allowing for intra-operative navigation.  Once again, surgery is supported by highly experienced theatre staff, as well as critical care and ward nursing staff who offer insight and experience in dealing with complex brain conditions.